Frequently Asked Questions

I never got my items after placing my order....

I'm so sorry you haven't received your purchase yet. You should have gotten an email minutes after confirming your order. Make sure to check your spam folders! These emails like to hide in there. Maybe even check your other folders too! If you still can't find it, no worries! Please send me a screenshot of your order confirmation to [email protected] to help me verify the purchase and I'll resend your downloads email!

I'm having trouble checking out...

If you're having trouble moving past the cart, and you found this kinky place by going through TikTok, please try navigating to the site using your mobile device's web browser. Sometimes going to a site from a social media platform can cause problems.

Here's a link so that it's more convenient:

Do you do custom content?

For inquiries about custom content, please reach out using the Contact Me  form!

Do you accept other forms of payment besides PayPal?

Yes! Here are the other forms of payment I can accept:
- CashApp
- Zelle

If you'd like to make a purchase using one of these apps, please contact me using the Contact me form and include the following information:
- The name(s) of the content you'd like to purchase
- The app you'd like to use to make the purchase
- The email address you'd like me to send the content to